About Us

Libra Appliances Pvt Ltd, got incepted in 1995 with an idea of revolutionizing Home and Kitchen segment. As the strength on the company lied in pure manufacturing, we started OEM and exports and made them the forefront strength of the company by implementing various improved machinery for production and having a strong R&D team. The product of the company was available in various countries throughout the world.

Covid taught us lot of things. We lost several OEM customers as their market declined and our export orders got thinned due to various international issues.

As entrepreneurs we did not lay back, we had to find our way and we introduced our brands LIBRA and CHILLAXPLUS via online channels like Amazon and Flipkart in Indian markets. We did face initial bottleneck but gradually over the period of time, we were successful in generating meaningful business. We have our customer base from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to West Bengal.

Today, we are handling more than 40 SKUs in the home and kitchen segment with products which shall exceed your expectation. Our key to success is customer service and innovative products across all categories.

With the joining of Darshana Shah as the director of the company, the business direction changed further and we were successful in bringing innovative designs and products with higher utility and value of money.

We look ourselves as an Indian brand with a very strong presence in the category of home and kitchen appliances. Our motto is to be present in every house of India.

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